Xbox one reset.... again


Been playing alpha, beta. I joined a friends game, we wanted a friend in so voted to resetting the round. Upon the character selection screen a random joined our lobby so we backed up. When I backed out, my client was not signing into 2k. When my account finally logged in, lo and behold, I was level 1 again for the second time.

Yes I’m signed in with my 2k account. Is there anyway to restore this later on? I’m tired of restarting from 25 to scratch and losing all that sweet sweet wraith progress and etc…


It’s a server issue with 2K, a fix is in progress. Unfortunately that is all we know right now.


All I care about is a moderator saying ‘’ your lost progress will be restored ‘’ I mean this is getting beyond ridiculous when you lose 20+ hours of progress only to come back to the same unskippable tutorials.