[Xbox One & PS4] "Waiting for Players to Load." Glitch

Lately (since last update), I’ve had a glitch where it’ll load me into the character select of a match, but leave me there with the “Waiting for Players to Load”. This happened to me on my final determining match as monster. I waited an hour, but the game never moved passed “Waiting for Players to Load.” It has also happened a few times in some Skirmish lobbies.

Yeah, this happened to me too.

But I think they know about it

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This glitch is alive and lousy on PS4. I’ll post video sometime. It happens about every match.

Because of this, many PS4 users like myself are now forced to leave matchmaking for Skirmish and re-queue for Skirmish manually after every Skirmish match to avoid wasted time and glitched lobbies.

At the end of a skirmish match, the next map will be declared and players will have the opportunity to vote to skip.

The next loading screen will end with a screen that says “Waiting for players to load.”

This screen will remain hung and almost never progress to the character select screen although I have seen the character select finally load on a few rare occasions after 5-10 mins of ‘hung time’.

While hung, players can still communicate with one another if they have mics. It is also possible to see player slots empty as people leave from getting tired of waiting.

During this hung screen, no background menu music can be heard.

Normally all players are forced to leave sooner or later due to the game being hung somehow. Longest I’ve seen other players stay in the lobby with me is 10 - 15 mins. Invariably (and understandably) everyone will leave.


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OK, first time firing up EVOLVE in two weeks as issues and you know blah blah

First matchmaking times still horrendous and after 30 mins of waiting finally get into a game as monster but game unable/refusing to load into selection screen with Medlab just loading and loading and loading…

So clearly game still a mess, now ESL is done with can we expect a title update soon?

Update - as a Mod merged my post into this, my issue on PS4

Yeah, I get this about every match and it’s not just medlab unfortunately.

This happens a lot for me as well.

Hello! This got lost somewhere in my notification list! Are you still experiencing this issue?


Thanks, that’s alright. I’m sure you guys have been crunchin’ bigtime for 6.0.

I haven’t played much online in the intervening time and none since 6.0 dropped.

I’ll get back to you with more news when I can this week, but yes: the issue was still occuring the last time I played online.

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Thank you very much! Yes, it’s been crazy busy here! I’ve been catching up for a bit now! hahaha. Thank you for your time and info on this! :slight_smile: