XBOX ONE/PS4 G.O.A.T. LRoderick


I play on PS4, or I would. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


you only got the game July 3rd. Chill with all these challenge threads. The leaderboards mean nothing except that you have the time to put into it.

Also, your other thread is asking a question about Evac. Evac is a pubstomper’s dream. If you’re padding your wins with Evac games I am even less than impressed.

You’re not an expert on the game. There’s a reason your improvement series crashed and burned so badly. Just play the game and quit making these silly threads.


luckly i have a ps4 AND evolve whats up now?


Cool! Same name? I can see when a few guys I play with are on and we can scrim.


same name. let me know when yall ready.


I don’t even have a team so how would I play you, I’m a monster player. Also, you’re 26-22 if you’re losing to pubs that much you must not be that good.


I think that’s total deaths, not weekly.

@lRoderick friend request sent. Talking to guys now to see when they can be on.

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Let us know how the match goes. I’m curious now.


I’d rather not. You could just be a sensible person and, instead of clinging to your imaginary GOAT title, show us all the leaderboard rank that actually matters.


Will report in with results. Match might not be tonight, might be weekend or something, but I’ll post in eventually.

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it is total deaths, looking forward to the scrim!


he’s more then welcomed to game dvr it, i dont want him to stream it due to concerns with lag. :smiley:


or you could just fight me and leave all this talking stuff for the birds.


looking forward to the scrim.


good enough to be number one.


For anyone coming on here simply to hate, either fight me or kick rocks.


1: Very few birds have the ability of voice mimicry.

2: Are you on XBone? If so, after my practice tonight, I’ll see if anyone is up to play.


Get on in half an hour if your ready to put up.


Sorry friend, gloating topics are not allowed.

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