Xbox one preview programme

Hello, would someone be kind enough to invite me to the Xbox one preview programme? My gamer tag is: Mr RyDawg

Also when and if I’m accepted I have no problem inviting people in return!

Many thanks :smile:


That’s fine. I hope it’s okay if I change this to looking for group.

No problem :smiley:

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I still have no idea what this is… TELL MEEE!

Ry Dawg.

Do you live in Michigan??

Nope in the UK haha :smile:

Ahh ok, I went to Uni with a RyDog and had to make sure.

Also, MountnThatRoars :blush:

No worries :smiley:, never been to America though I would like to one day :stuck_out_tongue:

I do :smiley:

Woo! :monster:

(Just pretend it’s a backwards Michigan)

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