Xbox One Pre-order monster pack not appearing anywhere


I pre ordered Evolve on the Xbox One about midway through the final beta but now that Behemoth has released the “Monster Expansion Pack” that was supposed to be part of the pre order bonus has disappeared from my game DLC list.


Did you click Manage on Evolve under your My Games and Apps tab? When you do that it should show up as ready to install.


Ah, I didn’t think to look all the way to the side. My bad.


Remember, that’s how the XB1 handles d/l of games for this generation vs. how the 360 handled it. It just takes some getting used to because it’s no longer a one-step process. Leave it to MS to take something as simple & efficient to a more complicated one. D’oh…


Let me know if you’re all set and I’ll close this thread. :slight_smile: