Xbox One- players with no mics


First off I really like this game and the concept of it. However, nothing infuriates me more than getting into a game and 0 hunters are talking. How are you suppose to work as a TEAM if you can’t communicate??? I’ve yet to be in a team since release where everyone was talking, and maybe it’s because I haven’t leveled up much and i’m still being paired with new players. I quit matches now until I find someone with a mic. TRS please disable party chat for anything but custom games, or do something to spur communication between teammates.


Agreed. Sick of people refusing to use mics that literally came with their console.


Keep at it your luck will change. You might even run into me :]


Yeah it’s been really hit and miss with me. I feel some nights every game i join someone has a mic. Than last night no one had one. It’s one reason I always try to party up.


I get frustration but stick with it. More and more to me are having mics.


Lol. You should try PS4 if you think that’s bad.


I just leave if no one is courteous enough to mic up – it gets old


I think more people are realising the necessity of communication. Particularly for x1 it’s crazy when people aren’t mic’d, I mean they come with the console haha. Fortunately we regularly have a team of 3 of us, occasionally 4, so I’ve been a bit spoiled.


Well if any of y’all need another teammate, my gamertag is pizzity13


Anyone that uses a mic while playing evolve. please add me. GT: mygfizzagamer


I cant hear anybody even when my mic is puged in (xbox) i see the logo that they are talking but i cant hear them is there a solution ?


@Asieno19 were you in party chat? If you are in a party and not in game chat it will look like people are talking (mic symbol flashing), but you will not hear anything. On the other hand, I was having some issues last night too. Mic was plugged in and i was not getting a symbol when talking nor could i hear anyone in game chat. Extremely frustrating.

I have no idea what could be the problem. Could be the server, my router, or a bug.


had full team with mics last night, and it was a ton of fun. I think the best thing to do is just start playing and party up with anyone you run across with a mic. Then send them a friend request.


I always use mic but sometimes I prefer not to talk when the other people sound angry or just plain mean, that’s no fun


This is one of the reasons I’ve entirely given up on matchmaking.