Xbox one player looking for friends!


A few of my roommates and I pretty much play evolve all day, we’re top 1000 in the global leaderboards and top 300 with the kraken! Now leaderboards mean absolutely nothing but what I’m trying to say is we understand the game and we’d love to have some friends that have a mic and do too! Add me and invite me whenever you want, we have absolutely no preference to who we play and usually pick our hunter based off of our team comp!


Add me!


I don’t have game yet. Waiting on patch first so I don’t get reset. I will send u a FR my gt is D3monWo1f


I’ll add you when I get out of work, my roommate is on now but he doesn’t know how to add people on xbox one hahahaah


I am an old fart, so don’t mind me if I don’t take things TOO seriously… but I am always up for meeting some other players and learning new things while haiving some fun.

LVL - 40
Global overall - top 200
Bucket - top 10
Parnell - top 120

GT = theGpysy66

Again, if your the rage types that freak out over a loss, I am probably not yer guy. Don’t get me wrong, I play to win, but at the end of the day I am gaming to have fun, meet peeps and take a break from work


@TheGypsy I’d love to play with you! We’re not the rage type either. Pugs can be frustrating but overall we just watch to have a good time with people who have mics. I’ll be adding you once I’m back from work!


Sounds good man, I am self-employed and work from home… needless to say, I haven’t been working all that much the last week or so… hehe… (it’s addicting dammit!!)


i hear yea man. I’m not the type to get all pissed over a loss. Its all about the fun. Ill add u also if that’s ok


Tried to search yea name isn’t coming up


I’m also trying to find a group if you still have room.


D3monwo1f write me a message so I no its you


Sounds like fun!
Gt: Ryuuki2639
I love playing as Medic or Support


Still need players?


Add me

INeFariouS x