Xbox One Player looking for a team or players


Where to begin…I have close to 700 hours of gameplay, familiar with all classes and comfortable with all of them as well. silver skilled (due to losing two ranks by playing with undetermined ranks and people who don’t communicate well etc…) I really want to get a solid group of players that can play well, communicate, and of course have fun. I want to rebuild my rank up since my old crew stopped playing this game a looong gone ago. I’m a dad so my gaming happens mostly after 6pm except Tuesday’s which is one of my days off. Gamertag is No Mercy Beaver. Feel free to shoot me some invites and look forward to meeting new teammates!!


If you ever need someone to fill in a slot, I’m willing to join you. GT is ArchangelNQQ. Just shoot an invite if you see me.



Silver skilled and climbing fast me and some friends have gone 45-4 last couple days


My GT is RedWall11. Play every class and monster except for Parnell, Caira, Wraith & Kraken. Silver 2.


Look me up GT: Reapage
I too am a dad so gaming time is sporadic, but I also have some friends to help fill out the roster usually. Look us up.



Add me on one EVOLVE for ever

I played on proving grounds …
need to play again and a


I play a really great support I can play all classes add me GT: Tazmaniendevil1


Anyone here feel free to add me have had evolve since beta. Im done playing with randoms uncareiable . Have a mic also gt: trapgodbuu


Everyone in this thread should check this out yo


for sure man I will do that


In need of a team or other players, I play frequently and definitely in it for the win. Best class are support, medic, trapper and assault. In that order hit me up or invite please. G.T is tidiestscarab63.