[Xbox One]Patch downloaded but Emet not unlocked


Eww. Downloaded patch yet won’t download the emet access from season pass.

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What Platform?


Xbox. I have season pass but it’s not showing emet under it for access.


Have you checked the Manage Game section? You might need to install Emet before you can use him.


Yes that’s where I was looking it’s saying there is nothing to download for him.


It won’t say download, just click to install or something to that effect. Did you scroll all the way to the right?


Yes. It’s got nothing for emet. Even went to the store and it’s not even showing up under season pass 2 items.


Might be a server issue. Try a full reboot just to make sure.


Same here… can’t figure out a solve this time ;_;

Guess I just get to wait more (work in an hour ;_:wink:


I just did but will try again.


If that doesn’t work, jump into a mp game. See if it works afterwards.


Play a game first and then he should become available, worked for me.


Giving this a shot. Usually works but the connections are terrible today (probably partially on my end) so loading is killing me :0


Aaaagh didnt work

When the xone store gets it I should too

Off to work for ten hours of being sad about just barely missing emet play :frowning:

Saw some maddcow on twitch tho very exciting!


Sorry, duder. :frowning:


Trying the game thing now. This poor level two won’t know what hit him.


ahh now it works. Weird didn’t install anything.


Ok, Tara said things could be wonky the first day. Hopefully it will resolve itself soon.

Edit: Oh, yay!


Strange that it don’t install anything.


i dont have season pass # 2 but im individually buying the new characters an emet isnt showing up in the store for me even though the title update. Played more than one game round. rebooted my xbox etc etc.