Xbox One Multiplayer Issues (With Friend)


A buddy and myself can both get into multiplayer games on our own; however when trying to find a match together, we have no luck and sit at the search screen for 5-10+ minutes. We’ve hard reset our xbox’s, our routers, and modems. We’ve tried in an xbox party, and outside of one. Anyone else having this issue? Not seeing too many other posts about it, or a solution.


I have EXACTLY the same problem on PS4. Cant find people searching a match with my friend, but on our own, we can. Any solution??


Same problem and it is on Xbox One, and we have tried everything just like you said, and nothing seems to work. We can both play online solo (that is not much fun), but we want to be in the same game. Please fix this issue.


Having an issue of connecting consistently on the xbox one, loading screens take too long and sometimes i get kicked from games, doesnt look like they really care about fixing any problems, a group of buddies and me regret this buy


Same thing happens with my friend and me. It only works every once and awhile.


Me too. Takes 10 mins to load a solo game too!


Same thing here bro. We have tried everything, routers, NAT, restarting xboxs, shoot even tried this little ritual thing, but nothing. Its really frustrating to have a game where one of the main concepts is teamwork but you cant even play with your own friends. The game is freaking awesome but the not connecting and not playing with friends thing is really killing it for me and many others.