XBOX ONE Monster Looking To Skrimage

My gamertag is LRoderick and i am a :monster: looking to skrimage.

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I think I can best you :wink:

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we’ll see, you can add me on ps4 and we can have our match, do you have a team or are you fighting me on your own? if you have a team, what’s it’s name?

Team Sky Laz.

The Street Sharts Shear Domination would love to play against a monster.

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Are you guys going to do esl?

We might have 8 teams this week isn’t that awesome

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Who else? I know esoulvia convinced 2 teams to join and I know mudbone is coming back this week or next week.

We dont, and probably wont because we are usually busy on sundays.
Why do you ask?

Just like to have more teams in esl and have good competition.

Us you pzykotic Michigan beautiful jayrob and the two esoul convinced (possibly the Germans the black hounds team from community tournament

Well that’s great, glad to finally have a decent size again

Yeah it should be fun

cool, what platform? :smiley:

you can play me if you’d like.

No he doesn’t I actually don’t know who skorge plays with anymore though but skorge is ps4 mr sloth is Xbox

My friend request is sitting in lRoderick’s inbox, unanswered. I used to be on an ESL team, but now I just have a bunch of dudes I play with. I don’t think I’ve played with the guy you were replying to.

what platform? what’s your gamertag/ psn id?

PS4 KaptinSkorge.

you’ll have to wait until i get home, im staying with someone rigt now. i do have my x1 here with me if you have one.