Xbox One Moderately Competitive Team


I’ve been playing Evolve with a friend I met in a game- he does trapper, I do medic. The other people I’ve added so far don’t play with the regularity or seriousness that we do. That being said, it’s not ultra-tryhard mlg win at all costs competitive. Just executing strategies and coordinating and the like, if you get my drift. I’m looking for an assault and a support if this sounds like the kind of thing you want. Sorry about the wordiness :stuck_out_tongue:


I would play with you 24/7! But I have this horrifying thing called ‘school’ (I also have this ‘family’ who take control of the TV half the time.) I can play Support really well. Gamertag : Videogamer954


You’re basically in the same boat as me and the other guy, then :P. Sure, we should be on a bit later, I’ll send you an invite. Out of curiosity, what support?


Any, I don’t like Cabot too much tho.


I can fill Assault at times if need be :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds good. I main Val with Slim on the side, so Hank and Bucket synergize well respectively, as well as Sunny being good at everything.


Ok, Your gamertag the same as your Forum name?


No, it’s UltraLa5erStorm. I want to change it to the same thing as my forum name, but I’m too cheap to shell out the five bucks.


Markov main if you’re still needing an assault, GT Fang18
same boat as videogamer954 with this magical thing called school and work but hmu :stuck_out_tongue:


If you want to add me sometime my GT is the same as my forum name. I’m a high ranked Cabot primary, but I am proficient with all roles.

Send me a message when you do so that I know who you are.


We have a full team!!! @RobertOfPotatoland


Sure. I’ve seen you around the forums a ton, it’ll be cool to game with you :stuck_out_tongue:


looking forward to it! :markov_cute:


@XkrSkorpion @videogamer954 what timezones are you guys in?


I’m central time USA
its currently 5:40pm where I am


EST (Eastern Standard Time). Wbu?


Same!!! :bucket_cute: :hank_cute:


@XkrSkorpion @videogamer954 I’m EST, Central’s close enough :stuck_out_tongue:


So you are an hour behind… doesn’t seem like a problem… other than SCHOOOOOOOOOOL :cry:


@videogamer954 @XkrSkorpion I’m on most weekdays, but some days I won’t be on at all due to weird schedules, no Xbox at my dad’s house :stuck_out_tongue: