Xbox one MLG Team looking for experienced monster player


We’ve got a pretty good set up with our hunters so we’re only looking for player that use monsters as their main role. We are all located in the united states and would prefer someone that can be online from 6-11cst since that’s when we are normally on.

Anyways if your interested in joing up message me here or via xbox live my gt is mikedog6000.


I’m just going to change your category to Looking For Member, so you get more people who are actually interested looking at this


Lol thanks!


Is that AM or PM? :stuck_out_tongue: May want to be a little more specific.


Sorry i was half asleep when typing this post! We are looking for someone that’s online from 6-11 pm (cst).

We are actually needing a pretty good monster for the esl tournament here in a few hours. I’m not sure if anyone will respond in time but if not we are always looking to have a good monster to play against.


If you need someone good I think I have some pretty good skill as monster and if you want we can get in a private game and I will show you what I got.


I’ll try against your team. I’ll message you on xbox in a few hours.


Ok well I look forward to playing you guys tonight! We are still searching for a good monster so if anyone else reads this post your more than welcome to send me a message in game to my gt mikedog6000!


hello i major in monster and would like to versus/play with your team. my gt for xbox is i shank all day ill message you tomarrow but i usually play from 4-6pm and 7-9 pm.cst