Xbox One Looking for hunter group to group with nightly


Hey all … I bought this game knowing I would love it. I just bought my xbox one and only friends I have are my family … Heck I even bought my kid and nephew the game to get them to group with me (hasn’t worked out to well for me yet. they never play Evolve )
… I don’t enjoy pick up matches in this game … I feel the monster has a huge advantage, so I’m looking for people to group with. I’ll play any class. I have decent experience with all characters in the game. I’m open for any roll … just looking for a consistent group of people to play with . I’m no elite player nor do I enjoy playing with people with the elite player mentality. I play for fun but I want it to be competitive , respectful , and enjoyable.

Xbox name is same as this one Backlash0824 ( I’m o EST usually on daily from 7 - midnight ish)

Hit me up if you want to kill some monsters!!