(Xbox One) Looking for an Established, Successful Team


Hi, my gamer tag is “Aeslos” and I want to play competitively with a team that has an opening. Definitely a serious team that wants to go somewhere. If you wanna try me out just message me on Xbox and we can set something up.

Roles in order of preference:
Hunters: Trapper, Support, Assault (I’m a bad Medic, lol)
Monsters (best to worst, although I’m kinda unsure): Goliath, Kraken, Wraith, Behemoth
I’d love Trapper or Monster. Those would be my strongest as well.

Experience: Former member of Kyojin, 141 hours on the Evolve leaderboards but 391 hours through the Xbox, I’ve played in a few weekly (1 monthly) ESLs and 3 Proving Grounds qualifiers, and I’ve played against top monster players like Shawn Smiles and TheElusiveGod.


We need monster for our team. We’ll be on tomorrow, so send me a message if interested. xStellarJaegerX


Definitely, what team are you on? (I added you.)


I’m almost always on.

Medic > Support > Assault > Trapper (I’m not bad, I just find it boring)

I have every character Elite and can give you pointers.

GT: gh0st wh1sp3r (all the vowels are numbers)

My buddies and I used to do a lot, but so many games out has split us up.