Xbox one invisible bug


Joined game and was placed as kraken. Noticed however I could not see any of the hunters but they were shooting me constantly. I switched to take a break and after watching the AI blindly shoot at nothing they reappeared then the game crashed to dashboard. Definitely a bug.


I’ve seen a similar issue also on Xbox. First time, I was Hank, joined hunt mid game, and I couldn’t see any of my teammates. I could see the monster. My minimap was extremely delayed so i couldn’t follow my invisible teammates using that. I could hit them with my shield ability if I happened to get them in front of me, but they were invisible.

Second time, another player joined mid game as caira, and he also could not see teammates, had lagged minimap, and could heal us by shooting the floor next to him when we told him we were near. He couldn’t see monster, but said he gained that part halfway through the match.

It’s basically like playing blind except that you can move around the map obstacles.