Xbox One in game chat. Cant hear?



I have mostly been playing with friends and so in a party on xbox live. I have recently been doing a few games online with randoms when i’m the only person on.

I can see the other players are chatting as the icon lights up next to their names but I cannot hear them.

I have Turtle Beach XL1 headset and use the chat adapter.

Anyone else had a similar problem or know how to fix this?




They might be in a party, that’s the only thing I can think of.


I’ve run into a similar issue quite often where I cannot hear other players. The chat icon doesn’t even come up. When this happens I usually don’t see their gamertags in the lobby either.


I’ve had this happen multiple times when I was in a group of 4 so we know it was because of party chat. I person won’t be able to hear someone else but the person can still hear them.