Xbox one hunter team looking for experienced monster player

Title says it all, my hunter team is really beast and we are in need of a really good monster player.

We are not looking for someone that has 2k wins against pubs…we are looking for a monster that can actually win against a team of players that has mics…

my gt is mikedog6000 message me on xbox live or here if your interested in trying out for the position

I’ll do it

I think I can hold my own with Goliath.

GT - Cpt RonCodpiece

I’d be down to scrim against you. GT: Aeslos

Very experienced monster player, 16yrs old, British, can play 6-10pm gmt most nights. Best-worst: Wraith-kraken-behemoth-Goliath. Still very good as Goliath though. Xbone GT: MRvipersquirrel. Hit me up anytime. Willing to go competitive and can play any hunter roles with exceptional knowledge of each role/equipment