Xbox One Group Needs More


Looking for three more players to play with on Xbox One, already have a dedicated medic and support. Just looking for the rest, feel free to shoot me a message on the xbox



When do you guys play?


Usually the evenings, central mountain time. But we’re really tryna get something going right now.


I’m always open to making new gaming friends Jordan so I will heed the call. Feel free to reach out and add me at GT: Statik Selekta on the Xbox One.

On a side note the Turtle Rock Community is one of the finest I’ve ever come across. In the same way that the Halo Community once was back when Bungie was still in command of the franchise.

Anyway happy gaming to all, as Evolve is finally HERE!


Just sent you a message on xbox one but am looking for a party. GT Grizzly2424


Just need one more and we’ll have a full team of five.