Xbox One Gamertags


Mercury MN
I’m silver skilled at the moment( barely)
I like playing Assault, Support, and Medic the most. I can play trapper, but I’m not very good at it yet.
Central US and usually play in the evening/at night when I have time


As DextrousBark2


Colin Niven 08 thats my xbox one gamertag…im a uk timezone but often play with americans as im up late :slight_smile:


Thinking about getting back into Evolve. Anyone still playing?


Flankenst13N xbone trapper tourny team please.


xII Az IIx (xii az iix)
Class - Main Trapper but can play anything
Rank - Silver Expert
Looking for a good team with mics


DevilsRizen is my tag. Silver expert on the One. I can play anything but trapper mostly. Yes. I have a mic. I’m in EST add me up.


Hi if anyone would like to add me my gamertag is Bloodbathnbyond

I have a mic and I play pst time at night mostly.


King Yaysian add me for a boss monster


Komomodo add me, got a mic and I play just about every day. Whatever role I’m needed.


Add me please. My GT is Bloodhaze001. I play Destiny, Evolve, and Halo 5: Guardians


You’re still on?!?! Lol just remembered you usually had your setting turned to show offline.


I have to fix that lol I’m on almost every day!


That’s it. Re-adding your ass.


Im getting back into evolve since lauch. I have all hunters and monsters and play nights PST. Please add me i really want to get a team going i really enjoy this game but i enjoy it more with a fully functioning team. “monster kush” Im also a twitch streamer and get alot of random followers so please send me a message so i know you are for a Evolve team.


For those looking for a group or an individual player, please check out this topic:

We need everyone to use it in order for it to be useful :slight_smile:


My GT is GarbageCarp.


‘Chuks 187’ -Ohio & new to Evolve


Beardo702 xbox silver elite


Mine is DjXeno27