Xbox One Gamertags


Sounds fun, but as I said before I won’t be online for a couple of days so it’ll have to wait till then


GT MRvipersquirrel, British. excellent pubs. could go competitive. add me up


I posted in here long time ago and I have had success gathering people I case anyone wants to add me “Killahj420” I main trapped all about the God Domes but I can play any role. Only playing customs with 5 to 6 people




Definitely still always looking to add people myself! Assault/Monster in the est time zone :wink:

Let’s play!


z Frostbyte x, add me, custom games and pubs!


Crimbeast10 add me I play monster and trapper


This is is place to spam with gamertags for a game or a group. Feel free to add me

Gt: SapphireViking


Please msg me for some games, I really want to get back into playing with a group.

GT: xStellarJaegerX


Still playing est! Grimiocus haha






Prefer support but can do anything else.


Laidback FranK (xbox)


We play sometimes lol I message you when your on


Could use more monster players for custom


What’s your gamer tag tho


GT: MparraM
I’m from Brazil and started Evolve recently, so I’m a low level, but it looks like the game finds no public game anymore.


Experienced player in all roles. NARGH2


New to evolve GT MarsNipples.