Xbox One Gamertags


Welcome to the club!


GT: ArcticStorm321
im a youtuber and a ESL team builder, right now Im looking for a lvl 40 elite ciara or lvl 40 elite hyde with global rank top 500.
if you are interested in filling our open slot please msg and we will play a couple of matches saturday and we will see where it goes from there. thanks :smiley:



I have level 40 elite with every medic and most of the other classes. Unfortunately my leaderboard stats have been resetting since day 1 so it looks like I’m just starting for the first time every other day.

Would love to play, though. Even if its just for fun

EDIT: Medic is also my main.


My gamertag is the same as my username here. Find me and let’s hunt! (Lvl 40)


I’ll play pretty much anything. I’ve been trying to use monster in Arena a lot recently to get better at it, but I’m still not great, especially against a full team of high level players. I’ve got all the hunters elited and I’ve been 40 for forever now.


Well since I’m mostly a solo player half of the time it would be nice to find some people to hunt with.
GT: XTColors


My GT is xXWurmXx21. I’m on PST and am usually on in the afternoon.


My gt is twistynipsfresh im on all the time


My gamertag is the same as my username. I am level 14 and new to the game but would love to find some people to play with. I am also open to coaching if you’d like to help me improve. Feel free to add me on XB1. I am in MST and play randomly but often.


Maybe you could ask @maddcow for some COWmunity coaching

My GT is Mr Tea Wrex by the way!


Someone summoned the cow?


Damn! You’re fast!

It looks like @hottshot13 might need some coaching


Ah, currently not on the XBone platform. I am working with PC and PS4. I’ve even been contacted by some larger named teams/monsters recently. I might get an XBone… one day.


Now I remember! I asked you on one of your YouTube videos about that and you said you didn’t have one. My bad

BUT @hottshot13 could still check out your videos, or the 2k/TRS streams. They showed me how to play before the game even came out!


Glad they helped :slight_smile: I do get quite a lot of requests for the XBone and honestly, all of my donations I get on my channel are going towards one now that I’ve finished paying off my PS4 copy of Evolve, a PSN monthly account and shipping for physical swag from a stream of mine.


Afius gamertag add me on


Hey if you do get one It’d be fun to have you kick my ass as Bob, I’m terrible as him…
But I want to get better!

Practice, practice, practice!


I doubt I would ever play that often on either PS4 or XBone, (I can’t stand the controllers compared to mouse/keyboard) but I might do it for funsies one day.


I’m the opposite, I’ve used controllers since I was six, that’s over twelve years now so I’m used to it.


Well thank you for the help! I will definitely add you and we shall have to play sometime.