Xbox One Gamertags


Xb1 gt: Zoned out wb down to kill some monsters


This is for xboners silly :slight_smile:


Looking for 2 players on the Xbox one. Send me a message if interested! gamer tag: Faw x ReAcTz


bigbadbessy- I play medic and support



Usually play in the evenings 7-11pm EST

Looking to play with good hunters that use Mic for good communication and tactics. Tired of playing with randoms and losing due to zero communication.


GT: Mr Giganto

I’m based in the UK usually playing between 7 and 10pm GMT.

I main support (Sunny) but I do like to switch it up to get those last few elites. I could do with adding a few more hunters, preferably UK based. I’m sick of getting teamed up with hunters with no mics and I really dislike playing monster so I don’t like going into lobbies solo. That said I wouldn’t mind playing a few customs as the monster to try and improve my skills and work on my mastery.

I’m gonna scroll back up and add any UK peeps I see. Anyone feel free to add me, UK or not.

Cheers, Rob


Wow I’ve finally found this thread again! It’s always so annoying to find.

Anyway most of the regulars I play with don’t play Evolve any more so looking for some more players to run with, usually 2 of us already so I’m always sending invites out if I’m on Evolve.

I have a high win ratio (I think) if that helps :grin:

GT: Spearmint Spaff (XB1)

Happy hunting!


I play Evolve. I consider myself pretty good at it.

Add me :kissing_heart:

Gamertag : Videogamer954


If you’re on Xbone add me and you can join our team right now :slight_smile:


by team you mean you’re in a game? And I can’t play atm… for reasons.

Your Gamertag is Spearmint? Will add you tomorrow.


Spearmint Spaff


crimsonregret55 - prefer Assault or Medic but can play other 2 just fine. :slight_smile:


GT: ArcticStorm321 youtube:
im a youtuber and a concept artist
I mostly play trapper (ABE) and monster (WRAITH)
top 400 rank, pretty helpful info and commentary.
I play evolve competetively.


RobNightcrawler is my gamer tag for Xbox one. I’m still new to the game but I do have experience with other fps. Add me yo


Add me not enough evolve ppl on my list play all classes except trapper but can still play trapper gt: xTonYnoTx


Add me if you want to get some games going.


Destiny and the Smite Beta took over my friends! Add my gamertag let’s play!

GT is Captain Pidgey and I can play anything.


My GT is gh0st wh1sp3r

Add me!


GT (octopus planet) I play competitively and can play any role other than assault


I’m adding the both of you.