Xbox One Gamertags


JOEDATKILLER09 looking for a team new to the game who is on and ready to plAy


Do you need a person


Add me, usually do, sometimes full though.


GT: VoidWalker97


Xbox Gamertag: Th3 k0nc3pt


Hey major, this is GETTING PAID ( I think you added me as a friend). Feel free to send an invite when I’m online and not in a party. If I remember correctly, you played as monster and beat me and whomever I was in a party with. Also, you played as Griffin really good to


GETTING PAID (lower case L’s for the I’s) thur-sun 8am - 12 pm CST, Mon - Wed 8pm - 12am CST. In the top 50s as Hank (regionally), but have my fair share of wins as a Hunter in each class


No prob. I’m pretty much on at random times but I get on if I can.


GT is NovaBeat


Gt. Cheese helmet. I can play all the hunters well, trapper is my best though.


DHG littleadam I’m on the eastern daylight time zone if anybody wishes to join/invite me (btw just as a heads up I’m no longer in dhg, I’m just too poor to change my gamer tag)


Gt: donjuaniam
I mainly play medic (Lazarus) but can play anything really, although I’m not great with trapper. I play with a mic all the time. Add me and let’s play! :blush:


xTonYnoTx…I always play with mic and play any class


My gt is Beniskool77
I can play any role.


My gamertag is Assassingod92



Do it up!


Support and Monster main_



  1. Trapper (Griffen) Abe for Defend.
  2. Assault (Hyde).
  3. Medic (Caira) Lazarus for Rescue.
  4. Support (Hank/Cabot) Bucket for Nest.


Looking for a few more experienced players to compliment our usual team!

GT: Spearmint Spaff

Must have a mic, obvs. :+1:


GT: Matrim 611

Usually on most nights after 10pm. I can play any role decently, but I’m best with Medic and Support.

Hit me up.