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Whut? :astonished:


You’re still waiting for your copy? How do we rectify this??


Yeah slinky wtf you haven’t got your copy yet? !


No not yet! Don’t worry 'bout it though, it will get here when it does! I’m fine. :smile:


:open_mouth: Hopefully it’s soon!


Fair play dude, I commend you’re patience! :wink:


Thank you! At least I have more time to check the forums amidst all of the new topics and post pouring in! :smile:


Hi all, I play Trapper and Support. Eastern time (US) with mic xboxoneGT: stellartiger please add me down to play anytime.


alright! i usually game with my bro (best friend) and we play medic and trapper. im proficient with any role though (excel at trapper).

Im also a damn good monster, if i do say so myself, so if you need a monster for customs that’d be me too!


Hello looking for new people to play with. im more of a relax player. i played the beta. i know how each role works i like medic but can play all. just looking for more people to play the game with and fun. if you wanna play then add me my GT is Emi Paradise. im on at all hours of the day. hope to hear and lay with some of you guys soon!


Adding to this, if you need someone who is a competent player as Support, or a very skilled Medic, look no further. I am also good with Assault, though I don’t prefer to play it unless ABSOLUTELY necessary! Lol, I’m also handy with a Harpoon. All characters unlocked, working on tier 2, 3 for some.
Also, I’m not adverse to playing beast mode. I DO have 2 stipulations for any group I join. Have and USE MICS. Most importantly, remember, this is a GAME, I crave to win as much or more than the next hardcore gamer, but I will NOT be yelled at, talked down to, or treated like a 5 year old being punished if we loose a match. I’m a 44yr. old grown adult, I will treat you with the respect I expect you to show any person you can see and touch! We agree on that, and I guarantee we will have the fun this game was made to be =’). My handle is the same as it is here. Looking for a steady team of 3 plus myself. God bless!


Bit of a noob at this game, but need some like minded relaxed people to play with. UK 8-12pm monst nights. Relaxed about who I play as…
GT: Carpet Slippers


Xbox One
North America - Eastern
GT: XTG 7Z (There is NO number 2 in my name!!)
Non-competitive atmosphere. Mic not required.
Role: Support - Cabot/Hank Trapper: Maggie
Will not play as Medic or Assault.
Mission: Evacuation CO-OP
NO PvP for me.


Marvelous_Jared = Marvelous Jared. Monster player looking for some Hunter squads to face. :smiley:


Add me;
INeFariouS x

I mainly play as support


GT- G Man Red Mist
Eastern Time


Fireguyfrank58 in US




Dominus xcii UK feel free to add me


RedexElite - Canada - Eastern time zone