Xbox one gamer tags if lookin for teams


Add me on Xbox live : TheRubexCube


Wrong category, use the “Looking For Group” category.


I’m on, shoot me an invite.


Oh. Didn’t know that was a category lmao .


I’m not on. Was just getting my name out there in case people wanted to add me. I may be on later though. I will hit you up then


Ahhh ok, I’m heading to bed. No wraith/hyde games at all tonight. Might try for customs tomorrow.


Ok cool. I’m down for that


Bigbadbessy- Medic/support :smile:


I’m looking for a good monster to be on my team for the upcoming tournament. If your interested send me a message in game, my gt is mikedog6000


Gt: Anbu Ditto
I main medic


GT: TheKingTortoise

I can’t play weekends but I play regularly every weeknight.

If you’re cool please add me I main support but I can play anything


GT: ArcticStorm321


Somebody add me too?

GT: aTrampWhoCamps

I’ve been on a few of these threads already and nobody ever adds me :cry:

I main Medic as a Hunter, but don’t mind playing any class.


Add me gt: coiledpenny46😤