Xbox one gameplay?


Hey so I was just watching this video from ign and was wondering if jt were really played on Xbox one. I can see that the buttons are all Xbox one controls but I just want to confirm because the graphics look amazing!


It might be that it was played on the PC with Xbone controllers! As with almost everything at E3! I think the interactive trailer was also the same too, I think one of the devs said it was the PC with controllers, so it might be that! :smile:


Yeah I feared it would be something like that


Idk I remember one of the devs saying that all the playtesting they did was on the consoles so it might be xbone. Not sure though.


@MacMan @SlabOMeat can you guys confirm?


If I remember correctly, it was PC with an Xbox controller. I’ll ask today to double-check.


It is running on an xbox one at E3 , someone asked a journalist on twitter. Link: