Xbox One Friend Invites


Just figured “Hey, since these fellas are the early adopters of the game, they must be worth playing with(or against)!”

Make sure to post country and timezone so you know who to invite.
US (Va)
GMT-5 Eastern Timezone
Gamertag: VileCrib3

(Long as your all fun dudes, we’ll have a good time :slight_smile: )


You might want to try posting it here as well


Haha, forgive my stupidity, didn’t look for another topic like that :slight_smile:

How do you close a them read seeing as this one is now useless?


I’m not sure since I’ve never had to do it but I think you can change the title to ask for it to be closed, also mentioning the mods by names helps.

@Brandini @Plaff @Alex_Versnel @SlinkyGuy could one of you close this thread


And done! :slight_smile: