Xbox One Experienced Hunters Who Want To Play!


Hello Fellow Hunters!
I’ve recently started playing Evolve again. The problem is, I have been getting paired with new players who don’t know how to play right yet!
I want people who know how to play right, have fun, and kill some monsters!
XBOX ONE Gamertag: FuxinJibran
Feel free to add me and send me a message that you’re from the forums. Hope to be hunting with you guys soon!


I’ve changed the category to ‘looking for group’ so it’s easier for people to find the topic. Hope you don’t mind. :slight_smile:


No problem! I just made an account so I don’t know how things work just yet :slight_smile:


In which case welcome to the forum. :wink:

It is probably worth giving this topic a read to show you what’s what around here.


Check this out