Xbox One Evolve Running on PC: Deceptive Third Party E3 Demos Need to End


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"2K’s Evolve, by Turtle Rock Studios, was showcased at E3 exclusively with the PC version running on a pretty beefy Alienware system. Even in the Microsoft booth, where the game was playable right alongside other Xbox One games running on actual hardware, people were playing the game on a PC with an Xbox controller being led to believe the game looked that much better than anything else in that booth. The Xbox One and PS4 are powerful consoles, but there is no way they will ever get close to the image quality that an i7-powered Alienware with a high end nVidia graphics card can. If you think they can, you’re fooling yourself.

Where games such as Sega’s Alien Isolation were running on actual hardware (both PS4 and Xbox One), the console version of Evolve wasn’t even present at E3. Yesterday 1985fm and myself got to sit down with the Evolve developers for a short interview, and when the question about the console version’s resolution and frame rate was brought up it was immediately dodged. As they said the console versions were still in development they wouldn’t be talking about them until they were done. I guess that Microsoft marketing deal 2K struck for an exclusive Evolve beta on the Xbox One sort of gags the developers for addressing questions about the non-existent console versions.

The problem with all of this was that 2K was promoting Evolve as a console game at the show. It had a huge presence in the MS press conference, their booth, and Microsoft’s booth yet no one was actually playing the Xbox One version of the game. They were playing the PC version, and everyone knows there is normally a big difference between the two. Even Sony brought the actual PS4 version of PlanetSide 2 to E3, which played great on the gamepad with some smart UI/Hud changes for the console interface."

I love this game and almost everything about it. But the author of this article does have very valid points. It’s highly disingenuous to pass off high-end PC gameplay as “running on xbox one”. Hopefully it isn’t a watchdogs level of downgrade coming.


Turtle Rock have said the studio is split in half, with one half doing the PC version and the other doing console, so I have every faith that all of the versions will look similar. As long as the console graphics aren’t drastically different that’s okay with me. The core gameplay should still mostly be the same, which is where all the fun comes from


I totally agree, and I believe it was stated that the graphics themselves are integral to gameplay I.e. foliage , lighting , etc. Im sure the game will look great but it’s kind of deceptive to pretend the game , which looks better than almost anything out on the market today , is running on Xbox One hardware and having it at the Xbox booth outshining everything lol.

I’m definitely pumped for it , even if the visual downgrade is heavy.


They aren’t pretending it’s running on xbox. I’ve played the game, and when I did they had the PC running it right next to the screen (it might have been a photo - can’t remember). They also show you a video before playing the game which gives you an overview of how to play, and at the end the PC’s are credited

EDIT: if I remember correctly, the PC’s it runs on are called something like “Frostbite”


The only reason I said “pretend” is that i’ve actually tweeted devs and journalists there asking if they’re playing it on XB1 there and they said yes. Took a while for someone to finally say " it’s running on an alienware". It’s great to at least know there’s XB1 controller support on PC. I also understand their presence at the X1 booth due to it being the “led platform”.


Oh boy another graphics debate! I absolutely LOOOOOVE these!

Snore, kidding! Like Plaff said and it has BEEN said millions of times before, the graphics really don’t matter. Sure it does look better on a PC but I don’t think Turtle Rock are trying to play it off as that’s what the graphics are on the Xbone either, they’re not stupid!

And I really don’t think there’s going to be THAT much of a huge downgrade in graphics anyway, because as an owner of an Xbone and the number of games on it, they look brilliant!


What’s your twitter @ and which devs did you talk to?


Yep, don’t really understand people who get fussy with graphics.
We’ve already seen PS4 and Xbone pump out amazing graphics at launch, so there is absolutely no need to worry about it when its released, 11 months after next gen became current gen.
Gameplay is what matters, not fancy graphics.


It’s been said a million times " graphics don’t matter", but the reality is , they do. Very much so actually. Even research done by Nielsen revealed the #1 reason people upgrade consoles is for graphical fidelity. It’s certainly not the only thing that matters, or even what matters the most, but it should be discussed at the very least. I do think the article made some valid points. Nobody said in this thread that it’s a " graphics debate", but rather a full disclosure at the largest game show of the year discussion. In my case, if the disparity is huge, it’ll determine whether I pick up the PC or Xbox one version.


That’s not my twitter. It’s @tweeterv3

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I made that before you just sent me it, sorry. But yeah I’m really not worrying about how different the graphics will be, and I’m confident the majority of people who’re part of the forums won’t worry either. Maybe I’m completely wrong about it though and the graphics are absolutely terrible, but until we see some XB1/PS4 footage then I’ll trust Turtle Rock saying that they are aiming for good graphics on all systems


Ah but you see a lot of these ‘people’ have tunnel vision about games.
I know a guy who is the most…cliche gamer I know.
All he ever buys is FIFA, Assassins Creed, CoD etc.
AKA games that come out on a regular basis that do little to change gameplay or mechanics.
Look at Hotline Miami. Never going to appeal to some graphics loony, but the gameplay was solid, fun and addicting.
Towerfall Ascension. Basic graphics, but brought extremely entertaining and excitable mechanics to the table.
What I’m trying to say is, the CoDs, FIFAs, and co are like fussy eaters. They rarely try anything else and usually just scoff at it if it isn’t what they’re used to.
The people that play a large spectrum of games, like myself and many on this forum, can appreciate good gameplay and look past graphics.
Compare it to meeting a really nice girl who wasn’t the cream of the crop aesthetically, but was funny and interesting.
Graphics are not everything


Amen to that :pray:


lmao why is everyone jumping to " oh another graphics argument" ? That completely misses the entire point of this topic and thread. It’s about the article that was posted and not whether or not the game is going to look good or better when it comes out. It also speaks about more than Evolve.

Looks like another pattern of some people reading a headline and commenting without reading the actual article. smfh


The article isn’t really right to begin with anyways. They’re saying that people are being deceived to believe the graphics they’re seeing are XB1, but they aren’t. They’ve made it obvious that the gameplay is PC in their pre-demo video tutorials


Interesting that people keep screaming that graphics don’t matter. But they do - when comparing the same game on different consoles. I do think they matter in terms of what a person chooses to play a specific game on, but not necessarily if that game is good or not - if that makes sense.


“graphics still matter quite a bit when making a decision on whether or not a game is worth buying. In fact, 75% of gamers feel that graphics do play a part in their decision to purchase a new title”

Okay, that is a relevant point. But keep in mind you’re telling this to a community who are here for a game that they really love. If graphics were a huge issue then I doubt the majority of people who’re active here would stay active.

I get what you’re saying though. If the general public don’t know that the game wasn’t played on XB1 then they might be disappointed with the console versions, since PC can squeeze out every last graphical detail


First of all graphics do matter! You must be insane to think graphics don’t matter of course they do, there what get you more into the game. Second, pc is indeed faster than any console, (duh) there’s just so much more you can do with a pc and that’s coming from someone who has a ps4. I think these elite pc players are jerks because they keep dissing the consoles but I’m pissed off that so many people lie about if the game is being played on console or pc


I would like to mention that this whole line arguing over graphics is irrelevant for Evolve. It’s on the CryEngine 3, next gen consoles only (well and PC of course), I don’t think graphical fidelity will be much of an issue. And the game looks brilliant, monster models are detailed, animations and particle effects look great, also CryEngine has always been good at outdoor environments like Evolve.

Excellent engine choice, considering Crysis 3 came out for last gen consoles, it’ll probably look pretty good on next gen consoles. However I will be playing on PC and Crysis 3 looks great on PC so I expect Evolve will look great as well.


8-Bit Evolve

Just gonna leave that here