Xbox one Evolve players wanted


Hello to all xbox one players out there. I, like all of you, cannot wait to get to get my hands on some evolve, and would like to do so with a team of friends. However, in the circle of people i know, i am the only person with an xbox one and looking forward to Evolve. I am looking for fellow Evolve players to play with come February 10th. Im not concerned about roles of players. I myself am mostly interested in the monster role, so if someone has a team of friends already and are looking for 1 guy to be the monster, im your guy lol. If interested, post your gamertag below or PM me. Thank you. My gamertag is CursedFoxCodeman…


You like all of us? Why thank you kindly :slight_smile:


lol thanks dick. jk jk


The Gib Meister!



Why hello dere, I am getting it on my Xbox One as well! Gamer tag is Rapterror9 :3


Have a look here:
Xbox One Gamertags