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Short intro and TL/DR: I am a leader of a growing group of Evolve players (currently 25 hunters and monsters) on Xbox One who come together to have fun with people that not only have mics, but are respectful and are looking for a team-oriented play style.

I started the group with high-level players who really know how to bring out the synergy in multiple different team comps, from the clutch Laz/Hank/Maggie/Hyde group to the “wombo-combo” Val/Sunny/Griffin/Torvald. Though I pride myself on recruiting fellow members of high skill (#1 Maggie/#6 Val here), I am always open to helping newer players learn the ropes to avoid them falling to frustration in the stressful world of pub matches. It’s always great when I hear some of our newer members’ stories of how they almost quit the game until they found us.

So, in an effort to continue to make Evolve a better place for all, to not only give monsters a challenge as well as give hunters a chance to really test their mettle as a team, I figured it was time to put out a forum post here.

Our group is Epsilon Eridani, a clan started 11 years ago the day after Halo 2 came out. Up until 6 months ago, we were always Halo-exclusive, but that changed with the absolute clusterf**k that was the MCC. Now we also operate in Evolve as well as Destiny. For more information, see our site, which also serves as the destination to request to join.

We use the smartphone/website app LINE for communications and to set up game sessions. It is necessary to be registered both on and the LINE app for membership. In addition, to always keep mind of our Halo roots, we ask all members to still have the MCC (since it is at least functional now, and is pretty cheap) to advance in the group.

If you are a competitive player looking for some fellow high-level players, one who plays for fun and finds random pubs frustrating, or even a new player who is having trouble catching up with the rest of the Evolve player base, we have an outlet for you.

PM me if you request to join on to alert our admins. Thank you!

Trapper looking for group [Xbox One]
Xbox one - need a group bad

Hey dude, i want to join, im a good evolve player who wants to get better in a compeptitive setting, i want to play more private games and less pub games, my gt is o Mickeyy



You are a godsend…

Gt: VileCrib3


Eventually we’ll get to play together EE! I’m online most nights in pubs, so feel free to shoot me a party invite whenever you have space. As we previously discussed, I could probably play competitively with assault (#5 Parnell in the world), but I can play any class at at least a medium-high level…

This is an awesome idea by the way. My friend @poo2moo is also an outstanding medic who does play competitively in ESL and would probably be interested in some games as well.


Thank you. Messages sent to everyone on Xbox Live.


So I’m still fairly new to the evolve game but I’m so down to meet new people and throw down on the battlefield. My gt is RobNightcrawler.


Yea this is a good idea. Add me up. Ill play some customs anytime. GT: poo2moo


Messages sent. Thank you.


Final bump, good responses from everyone, thank you.


My GT is “Aeslos”. I’d love to check out your community and play with you guys.


GT ObscureLogic, sucky monster decent hunter. Sadly my friends grew tired of the bugs (hopefully fixed in the title update) but I can’t put this game down! I’d love to play with you guys!


Hi would love to join your group. Most of my friends have stopped playing.
I live in melbourne and play after 9.30pm most week nights.
Anyone else who plays in that time zone feel free to add me.


Sending out LIVE messages later today. Thank you for your interest.


Pack Jackal
darn Good monster rusty hunter atm


message sent.


Just a quick bump for anyone who is still interested in our group, we have over 35 Evolvers with us now, and a few of the new recruits have been from this forum. You guys have been great. I am shipping out tomorrow morning for Navy basic training, so if anyone is still interested, please contact EE Triple Zero through Xbox Live and he will help get you set up with us. Take care everyone, I hope I come back to Evolve in the Fall with all of these bugs squashed that keep this game from reaching its true potential. And please, no one take my Maggie spot. :wink:


Hit me up MRG Gunslinger I’m decent not the greatest main trapper but I can fill if needed


I hope I am not too late. I see most of this was in June and it is September now.

I came here by browsing for serious Evolve players, and it led me to this Clan site. I do not ask to be in a clan or any formal arrangement if you do not care for me to be, but casual acquaintance is the very least I am looking for. At the very least I wish to know I have access to players who can carry their own weight in matches. I do not have a high rank in Evolve, winning roughly half my games, because I rarely get people who can communicate. When it comes to teamwork, communication has the greatest impact, and puts people in position to succeed, the next thing is player skill. I understand some players are just starting the game when I play with them, but some players are just clueless. It upsets me that everyone gets a free mic upon buying the XBOX ONE and yet half of them use it on Evolve, and half of the people that have mics use it, meaning 1/4 of players actually talk. To make it worst, 1/8 of them actually speak productively. Some talk only to defend their mediocre play. I feel like If I played the Monster I would win a lot because it is just me, but I am someone who loves team games. I love challenging my mind to process 5 peoples situations and best possible actions in order to help assist them. Its like thinking as 5 people at once. I enjoy teamwork, watching 5 people come together and run like a well oiled machine. Its a thing of beauty, but all I ever see is Mediocrity. I am the guy who tracks monsters well no mater what role I play. It upsets me though when I am the Medic or the Support and I am doing a better job tracking than the tracker. I understand an Engineer like Bucket will track better than most trappers, but some people just do not know how to corner the monster. I swear some humans are dumber than pack animals. At least pack animals know how to coordinate. I think obviously a lot of players are casual gamers, and they could care less if they are good at a game or not. I am not that person. I am not looking to be a professional gamer, but I like to feed my competitive nature and nurture my critical thinking when I play, so I am pretty serious, but winning is fun to me, and I like to have fun. I am not going to insult people, as I am quite polite, but I do believe in tough love, and I think calling people out earlier than later and telling them what they need to work on will help them get better, so they can actually contribute. I know some people wont tell others that they suck, and instead of telling them, they just let you stay bad for a couple more games and then use that as a reason not to play with you, as if you were given a fair chance. Anyways, I know I am blabbering a lot, but all in all, I make a good teammate, and I play Evolve and Halo MC primarily.

Please I need you guys.


Hey number 1 Maggie I have a team that would love to play in any tournament you can provide just let me know the details my Xbox gamertag is xThe Epic Noobx


Yo anybody who wants to play with a skilled player message me gt: ironclad57