Xbox One - Evolve BETA gameplay - find your nick in the list:


So, this thread will have links to YouTube with my BETA gameplay of Evolve on Xbox One with people.
The link to the video will be on my nick ALSO names of people who were playing with me will be shown according to their class when starting the game.
If we played together, and maybe you have a recording, i would like to see Your perspective as well. If not, and maybe You are interested, why I shouted the way i did, how things went down from different perspective - those videos are for you.
There is no ads running, i didn’t monetize any of those videos. Unless there is some weird ass claim by some random 3rd party, there shouldn’t be ANY.

Little note. I did record i think about 95% of my games on XBL, some videos even if we played together/against could be missing, due to me forgetting to press record button, or other problems like file corruption of video issues and or sound (i lost maybe 5 of them due to issues). I didn’t skip any of them because “i lost” and i sucked ass… well, if i did… i would like to see other POV, so i can get better.

Not sure, how to put this in, so ill do my best. I’ll live my name as a link for the video. If anybody shows up with their link, ill update that video with link on their gamertag. Any mistakes with spelling names, please PM me as well.
I have about 30 videos from Xbox One, all uploaded, ill post first 10 games, until ill get some tips on how to modify my “listing” because i feel it’s clunky as hell… and it’s going to be easier to update only 10 of them and not a whole list.

  1. dupalec, JusT ChAoS, SpranlKlez, InfamousDON, Scmittex
  2. dupalec, JusT ChAoS, SpranlKlez, InfamousDON, WAR Borja ASTUR
  3. dupalec, JusT ChAoS, cr1spy28, InfamousDON, AtR Anonbymous
  4. dupalec, JusT ChAoS, ArcticStorm321, Cactus Bodyslam, InfamousDON
  5. ThuggishJoker, dupalec, ReignerRuler, RoidBoi, x iTzSeRG 420
  6. ???, ReginerRuler, ThuggishJoker, dupalec, ???
  7. ReignerRuler, ???, dupalec, ThuggishJoker, ???
  8. CHALKIE WHITE, Dead5lauth, LakotaAssailant, KILLZ1LLA, dupalec
  9. MilkdudPsycho, |SouthernSlang|, LakotaAssailant, dupalec, DaNkHeAd421
  10. KILLZ1LLA, Dead5lauth, CHALKIE WHITE, LakotaAssailant, dupalec
  11. KiLLz1LLA, Dead5auth, dupalec, LakotaAssailant, CHALKIE WHITE
  12. dupalec, SwiftSniperwolf, LakotaAssailant, CHALKIE WHITE, MortalCameron
  13. dupalec, SwiftSniperwolf, MortalCameron, LakotaAssailant, CHALKIE WHITE
  14. Ice Cubism, donny4693, Krueger1428, dupalec, English Riviera
  15. Ice Cubism, NNY Beserker, donny4693, dupalec, SNAKE SPAIN
  16. Ice Cubism, donny4693, NNY Berserker, dupalec, Sullii
  17. MikeyBabyJr, SAS Bu11, dupalec, foorballkrk, XxOLimiTLessOxX
  18. SadistiK InsaNe, Casual Carnage, FIRE BLADE 2508, MikesBorn, dupalec
  19. ShadowKiller634, SadistiK InsaNe, FIRE BLADE 2508, MikesBorn, dupalec
  20. ShadowKiller634, SadistiK InsaNe, FIRE BLADE 2508, MikesBorn, dupalec

Not sure what to do with disconnected people, and those who came in their place. Any ideas, would be appreciated.


RESERVED - in case i run out of space
MODS: don’t delete yet… when the list is full, ill ask for it. Thanks.


Well I’m not on there but if I am later, I would be happy to assist.