Xbox One Digital Preorder Tier 3 Unlocks missing


I played the beta. I preordered the digital version for Xbox One. Installed the full game, but the tier 3 characters aren’t unlocked (I go to “Caira” and it still says locked). Uninstalled the beta and the game, reinstalled, no change. Talked to MS support, they confirmed they see I preordered it and should have the characters… tried the usual console resets… they said to try you guys next.

How do I get the characters unlocked?


I also have this problem too


At the beginning of the beta, you had to sign in with My2K to get the characters unlocked. If you didn’t, then you’ll have to do it all over again.


For Tier 3 and all the extra skins from the pre-order, you have to download them as separate items from the Xbox Store. You’ll see a bunch of items in your digital download package, and one of them is called “Tier 3 Unlock” or something. Download that and any skins, and you should then have them in game!


Tier 3 was never unlockable in the beta unless you preordered from the store, so the My2K account was not a factor.


Same here. I was logged into my My2K account in the Beta and now. Proof? I have 3 of the 4 Tier2 characters unlocked that I completed in the Beta.


From the offical 2K support site:

Xbox One

If you pre-purchased Evolve on Xbox One, you automatically unlocked both the Wraith and Team C (third-tier) Hunters.
If you unlocked Team B and the Kraken in the Open Beta, that will carry over to the main game.
If you were able to unlock all Hunters and Monsters during the Open Beta, you will earn the “Collect Them All” achievement after completing your first match.
Character mastery and progression is not carried over into the main game (though any character unlocks achieved through character mastery in the Beta does carry over.


Did you try what I suggested to get the Tier 3 characters? I had the same issue and what I described resolved it.


No… this can’t be true lol…
Like even the third teir? When the hell was this stated???


More info on what happened to me last night:

My friends that had the same problem simply uninstalled and reinstalled and all was fine. This didn’t workf or me, though…

At first, there was an 3rd-Tier “add-on” that appeared to be downloaded and installed, but the characters weren’t unlocked. To try to fix that, I uninstalled the game and re-installed, but the 3rd-Tier did not show up anymore (just a “skin” that reinstalled). The characters are still locked. MS tech support hasn’t been able to figure out why either and said to talk to 2K and Turtle Rock.


That’s the thing… after I uninstalled, those disappeared and now don’t show up as possible downloads, just the game itself and the Goliath skin (MS support confirmed last night that my account shows I purchased the digital pre-order, so it should be there).


I’m having the same issue. Though, I never did have 3rd tier show up in my add-on’s. I double checked my emailed receipt of purchase and it says on there that it is indeed pre-order for digital deluxe edition, direct purchase from the Xbox marketplace. Yet I have no 3rd tier characters. That was the main reason for me to go digital over physical.


I have the same issue. I think that the pre-order bonus attached to my Beta version, then was uninstalled with it when I uninstalled the beta. I can not find anywhere to re-download the bonus.


They finally put the tier 3 unlocks on the marketplace. So you should be able to download them now


Why is everyone here so misinformed? Thats not how it works we were supposed to get third tier unlocks from pre purchase, even after beta


Apparently they re added it to the market place now, can’t confirm right now, and yes this is exactly what I believe causes it


Yes, I know that. However, for the game to transfer the unlocked T3/T2/W/e you needed to sign in with My2K. Confirmed by @DamJess, I believe.

The only misinformed people here are the new ones.


No you dont need ANY beta progression to unlock the 3rd tiers in this way


Oh, you mean the Instant T3 Bonus for Xbone Pre-Purchases? I do apologize, I thought you meant the way some people mastering T2 first-tier Masteries to instantly get them. :confused: Yeah, don’t need My2K for that.