Xbox one community behavior


So I was playing some games against a group that included if im right a premade of three and one noob. So I beat them with BOB, Kraken, and wraith . The next game I left cus i didn’t want to play monster. One of the people I played msg’d me and called me some prety vulgar names and insulted me. He then proceeded to call me out and asked me to play against him. So I did and even with the markov/ hank/caira/maggie combo I won. Then he spammed me with the message lucky over and over. WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!


In my experience, Xbone people have been pretty awesome. Sorry that you got one of the bad ones.

Side note, I dunno if that’s an “even with”. Pretty powerful, standard combo. Still, that guy is an ass.


because they fail at life and see an opportunity to anonymously take their frustation out on random strangers in video games?

Just book it as an annoying individual and rest assured that not all gamers are like that


Yeah its not the best combo but they were all elite lvl 40


Kinda is the best combo


Meh… Play pc!


I play in a group and we normally keep to ourselves and the only time I’ve gotten messages from others it’s normally positive.


with who? … insert crickets here :smirk:

sry couldnt help it lol


Maybe it’s karma for picking a trollish username such as BehemothisBroken1


Well one xbox community is god aweful, 2 90% of gaming communities have a$$hats unfortunately evolve is starting to get them


What’s their Gt

PLEASE tell me their gt

If there’s one group in this game I like beating more than a pre made, it’s dam asshats

I beseech you friend, TELL ME


Sorry no name cus it got flagged


They weren’t all like the one guy. One of them sent me a msg thats said “gg wp” so he was fine


whats wp mean?


“Well played” I believe.


I don’t know, some people are just jerks like that. That’s why I almost always try to play with friends :S .


This is why I don’t play on xbox… >-> I sold my 360 because of this


I’ve not had any problems with the xbox community when it comes to evolve. With that said, if this happens to me at some point I would just report them and block them then move onto the next game. There’s not really much else you can do.


Same, I’ve run across annoying people. But they weren’t malicious.

I have had more fun with pre-made groups (who use game chat) because they’re fun to talk to post match. (When I play monster)


With me. >:c