Xbox One Clan Recruiting 17 and up


My clan is recruiting, if there is enough members evolve will be a game played in the clan. Only as a silver tag.


What platform?


Xbox one. Note this clan isn’t meant for competitive play, its social gaming, built around community and friends. Its only required to play every 21 days with other members, the games we have branches for are destiny and cod aw. But if enough members are willing to play evolve can become a silver tag. Also just because you are in the clan soes not mean you have to devote your gaming to destiny and cod aw, just once every 21 days play with other members.


Fixed the title for you then. :slight_smile:

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Thank you toiletwraith

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Do we need to have Destiny and COD?

I’d like to join in, but I only play Evolve & GTA.


I was told there would be bacon.


I prefer sausage.


You disgust me.

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Oop. :laughing:


Youd have to because those are the games we have branches in.

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