Xbox one - can't play online

It’s been more then a week now and still i can’t seem to be able to find a single match to play online.
been playing solo all this time…
every time i try to go for a multiplayer match, i’m stuck in the lobby, “searching” is running for all the other four slots and… nothing… (doing so with no party… only me).

same thing happened in the beta… i took part in it by watching the rotatingcircle in the middle of the screen while it was looking for other players to match with me.
nowt the same is happening with the final product.

please, am i alone in this? is there a fix known to anyone?

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Most people i know on xbox one won’t play at all online because of the lvl/mastry reset bug, so better not to play online until they patch it just saying…

that bad huh…
thanks for the tip!

I have the same problem constantly, the only solution appears to be reset your role preferences to none and a hard reset by unplugging the console. Even then that does not always work.

I also occasionally get booted during a game or just before the lobby.

Even when it says players found it often kicks me back to the matchmaking menu with a prompt that says match no longer exists or whatnot.

This matchmaking seems worse than the MCC right now…

Absolutely unacceptable from a game I payed 80 dollars for. Such potential squandered by rushed Matchmaking and no ELO.

I have the same thing as Kelton. I’m playing on Xbox one and the game struggles to find players for games. I have managed to get a few complete games since the game came out, maybe 5? But overall I either can’t match to other players or it kicks me out mid game. Also if I do manage to find a game and people leave they aren’t replaced. So eventually it becomes just u and one or guy or u alone. I’ve lost patience with the game now and can’t be bothered playing it. It’s so frustrating. Which is a shame because the game itself seems good fun. Just wish they had created some functional servers to go along with it.

I’m so pleased I paid £70 for the digital deluxe version now. If it isn’t sorted soon i think I’m gonna ask MS for a refund. The game is faulty and doesn’t work.

U did intend this to be a multiplayer game right?

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Game’s just broke on XB1, don’t bother playing it until the patch.

Or, alternatively, return the game. I will be by Tuesday if they don’t at least have the common decency to update us by then.

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These wait times are crazy. I’ve been trying to play all week… nothing. Occasionally I will get one match with one other person, but that’s it. I’ve waited up to 40 minutes - 1 hr to try and play a game and nothing. Makes me sad :’(

Same thing has been happening to me lately. It was fine the first few days after launch now I spend an hour of game time just trying to find something enjoyable.

I get put into games where i never get my role, ill search evacuation yet continue to get games in the skirmish playlist, get teammates who quit out all the time or the game doesn’t fill up and I don’t know the experience just isn’t enjoyable anymore.

Feels like more work than fun playing this game solo now.

It’s not that much fun playing solo though. Sure the AI aren’t bad, but theirs no teamwork. They can’t help find the monster faster because we can’t split up or strategize. It’s literally “follow daisy” or wait till monster is lvl 3 before you can find it. I play medic just to keep my AI team alive.

I was able to play for a month and I found matches easily it took me about 30 seconds to find a match now I can’t even get a match so I’m going to uninstall evolve then reinstall it , this stinks because it was such a fun game online.:sob:

The Lazarus device was charged

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Guys unistalling it then installing it WORKED!!! I got in a match in less then 5 sec!!! For Xbox 1

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I don’t know u did this with Xbox 1and it worked for me

feels like folks arent paying attention on there side