Xbox One Bugs


Hi Devs and fellow evolvers

firstly would just want to say thanks for making such a unique and enjoyable game.

However i have ran into a few different bugs during my play and wanted to point them out as they don’t seem to have been mentioned before.

Firstly while playing solo evacuation as the monster, (wraith) on the second day after a loss, the game loaded very slowly and didn’t load textures on characters in the team screen. just grayed out character models. When I got into the game it ran very poorly with bad internet style lag and rubber-banding. it made the game unplayable and i had to shut it down.

Second, again playing solo evacuation, this time as hunter (Hyde). again on second day after a loss to the wraith. This was the first time playing as Hyde so i had to watch his tutorial video. after the video finished the game crashed and i was sent back to the home screen.

thirdly, playing online quick match as monster, (Goliath) i was placed into a match but was not able to choose a monster or which abilities to use, the game started with the usual animation of Goliath feeding while flares fall around him. it had chosen three tier 1 abilities for me automatically, rock throw, charge & leap smash. when i evolved it reset these and gave me three points to use as i wished. when i evolved to stage three it gave me four points to use. the game ran well & i guess its just an issue with joining a match that has started already but the ability reset at stage two was very annoying and in my opinion lost me the match.

I am loving evolve but to have three bugs in two days, two of which were game breaking is very frustrating. hopefully you guys can patch out these issues but i do feel they should have been taken care of already with the delay to release an alpha and a beta and the 3gb day one patch.

If anyone else has ran into these issues please let me know, hopefully if we can give as much info as possible to the devs they can fix the issues and we can enjoy this truly unique and interesting game.