Xbox one bugs and glitches


Sound crackles very frequently causing distortion. I’m afraid to even use my nice speakers because distortion causes damage. Audio is super loud, have to have over 10 db less then other games because of this. Severe video glitches on certain maps where you can see shadows through objects. Wraith still unbalanced big time as well as unbalanced vs all monsters if they are good. Too much emphasis on trapper alone due to monster speed. You should make human only pickups or evolution like monster to add depth and more balance.


Also I forgot to add FLASHLIGHT glitch where you have no flashlight as hunter. Really hard to play when you can’t see I really don’t understand how you could possibly have so much glitches after delay and 3 GB patch…


If you have some new bugs or glitches to report:

Would you kindly report it here? Scroll down to "Bug Reporting"and post away, to help the devs sort this out.


I tried going to Xbox one bug report wouldn’t let me post was locked.


Sledge must have closed it. Ah well, I suppose this is fine then. Good luck.


Having the same graphical and sound issues =S

Also I dont know why if I pick :
Multiplayer/Evac/Coop(it says 2 to 4 hunters vs AI monster)

Sometimes the monster it’s a player or even myself…