Xbox One Big Alpha Codes


I must say it’s a little dis-heating to never even receive your guarantee code for pre ordering the game but always that people are getting numerous actual alpha codes now while I have yet to seen the flipping thing. I’ve tried amazon support, 2K, and even contacting evolve on twitter but no help in sight. I was wondering if anyone else is having this issues because it has honestly brought my blood to a boil.


i just got a code for xbox, and given when i first entered i kinda blew threw it, and didn’t realize it was for the locked in xbox, but i went to curse and entered it for pc, under the same emal, i wonder if i will get the pc code, however if you want my xbox one, since i don’t have an xbox


If you could be so kind I would be very grateful!


sent it via pm


I pmd you on too


lol showered with codes


now only if i could get my actual pc one, can anyone confirm if you can sign up multiple times cross platform on the same email?


pre ordered from 2K studios, still waiting myself…


well if it helps, i went trolling around, and also my friend made the Big alpha faq thread, and both he and my trolling dug up that xbox get theirs today, pc tomorrow, and ps4 thursday, however i cannot confirm that this is a certain thing, just that its been said…nonetheless, fingers crossed.


Any chance you have a spare xbox one code?


If you’re having issues send a PM to @SlabOMeat and he’ll get you sorted.


unfortunately twas the only one brother, sorry =(,

as @tommy290 said PM @SlabOMeat, he may be able to help you.


If you don’t receive a product code by Thursday at 9am PDT, please send me a PM



I got a message in my XBL inbox from Microsoft. It was a beta code for being a preview member. I redeemed it on the website and it said I now own the Evolve beta. But it’s not in my download queue and I can’t find it in the game store. How do I preload?


I don’t know the answer to this. I will have to ask. Please move this question to this thread: