[Xbox One] Behemoth's Slippery Tounge of Grabbiness


So, I’ve been having some trouble with Behemoth’s Tounge Grab. Where the hitbox for the tounge shows, I am not sure if that’s the actual hitbox. Countless times the hunters have been in the designated area for Tounge Grab, but it does not latch on, usually when it does they jetpack out (is this intended?) This is frustrating as high silver teams are usually what I’m put against, being a Silver Elite, and a faulty tounge grab can lose me the match, I’d hate to lose a match over an extremely faulty ability, so I’ve just abandonned it completely.

Anyone else?

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Its not intended for hunters to jetpavk out its a bug/glitch


I dont mind being able to jump out of a tongue grab sometimes, since getting hit with a tongue grab can be a death sentence against Behemoth.


I dont mind it either to be honest, but it just seems to happen all too often.


Not supposed to happen its supposed to be like abduction where if it hits you it stun locks you