Xbox one and computer


So I had played a lot of evolve on my pc account and have unlocked many skins and heroes however my comp broke and I cannot play anymore, I was wondering if there are any plans to bridge the account if I were to buy evolve for xbox one, will I have my skins and content?

Please lemme know!


Don’t quote me on this, but no, I don’t think so. It’ll only work it it’s between the same platform.

I’d tag someone else, but idk who.


I believe that, if you utilize your My2K account, you will have all of your skins (or at least your challenge skins).

However, payed characters will not be transferred.


are you 100% sure? I don’t mind missing a few characters because I can more about the skins I have earned, if so I am definitely going to buy the Xbox one version


I’m pretty sure. Not 100%, but I have seen these kinds of topics before. You should probably get ask someone else as well, just in case I’m off, but I’m almost positive that’s how it works.


Sadly, skins do not transfer between platform. The coding is different between platforms, making it impossible to transfer skins.


Yep, I believe you’re correct, you start from zero, sadly :confused:


Nothing gets transferred. Tried it myself when I switched from PS4 to PC. I would just fix my PC before investing in another copy of all my PC games. That’s just a lot of money.


Some ppl have had luck with contacting 2K support to transfer their skins to a different system if they’re doing a permanent switch. But then if you ever were to go back to PC you wouldn’t have the skins anymore since they’d be on XB1 instead.

@Rapterror the challenge skins don’t work like that. If I want to get the skins for both PC and XB1 then I need to play on both systems that weekend. Just thought I’d letcha know.


I thought challenge skins were saved under your My2K or something though, so you’d have challenge systems on any platform so long as you were signed into your My2K at the time of the challenge?


Nope. I have every challenge skin on my X1, but not PC.


Hm, alright.


What she said


They ARE saved under your my2K account, but it’s console specific.
Kinda defeats the purpose in my opinion, but oh well.


It would be nice, but it means that I eagerly look forward to second chances for skin challenges.