Xbox One - All Progression Since Release Lost (Back To Level 1)


My first issue is that I am constantly having issues with the Xbox One multiplayer experience as I tend to get “the connection to your previous session has been lost” error message more often than not. I can only play if I have a friend host the game, hardly ever when I host the game. I’ve been on the phone with Microsoft and my Internet service provider for hours just to make sure there are no issues there. At this point I am confident that it is the game itself or my profile within the game.

Secondly and more importantly, all of my progression since the release has been lost. I was nearing level 20 and this evening when I went to play the game, the game prompted me to change my settings and gave me the tutorial as if I was new to the game. Then when I got to the lobby, I was back to a level 1 though my profile picture remained the same.

Please help! I have always been the biggest supporter of TurtleRockStudios since L4D many years ago but I’m starting to lose faith in your ability to uphold the promise you have clearly outlined on your website. Evolve is a great game but it’s clearly not in a state it should be three days after launch.



Nearly 2 weeks later…not even an announcement of a date for a patch for this critical issue effecting thousands. Very concerning.


Nope, Ive had a ticket at 2k support for the last 10 days. Ive sent them everything they have asked for and NOTHING. At least @macman has came out and said they are trying to find ways to restore the lost progress and they have a patch that will fix the bug thats causing it to reset. I just dont think its going to come soon enough for some people which really sucks. 2k Support really really needs to get on their shit. i mean 10 days? and no response? There is no excuse for that. Even Blizzard who has 7 million players and millons of tickets going on responds quicker than that.