Xbox monster tips



I’ve been thinking about going back on the xbox but I kind of forgot how to play monster with a controller. I’m currently a silver skilled. I’ve been avoiding xbox because the community has people with literally the biggest egos I have seen,I have actually been made fun of because I’m very bad with a controller. Does anyone have any tips?


I’m gonna be watching this thread as well, cuz I’m in need of more skillz.


Well, it all depends on your monster pick.

I played with nothing but the controller and the first road of advice I can say Is relearn your movement mechanics.


I’ve been playing wraith,kelder goliath and gorgon on the xbox


Wraith, she was always my in and out monster, I would use her abilities to maintain height over the prey… Holding the snare targeting in the air allows you to hover… combines with warp blast and travel you can have some really unorthodox movement patterns and cover wide sections of map quickly. This is rather easy to do on a controller as well.


My Goliath on a controller.


Wraith gameplay from described above.


Wow @Kathryn_James, you’re very good.


That background music tho :laughing:


Evolve monsters r my jam!


Could you post more gameplay videos or something? Of monsters plz.


Not pro level monster stuff here or video quality, but I have fun with it lol.


Decent stuff… maybe…

Not as good as me tho.
Self Ego Intensifies

I actually need to put up some Evolve stuff but honestly I hadn’t played in awhile. Been playing nothing but Dark Souls for a good while now and on PC I only have access to Stage 2 sadly.
If I do anything Legacy it will be on Xbox but honestly most of the people that play on there are the most toxic where they drag out matches and any time you even remotely get close to hurting their health they bail out (even if they are about to win like seriously WTF?).

I do miss my Evolve days tho…
Just not the depression of what happened to one of my favorite games.

Edit: Oh yeah tips for the Monster players… um…
Git gud.

The longer and more complex version of that is don’t be bad at the game and remember your stuffs and don’t make mistakes.

The more serious response that you’re looking for is too complex for me to want to write out at freaking 4 am so I’ll have to come back to that later lol


Yeah, that’s how you lose at higher levels of play. Skywraith doesn’t work; it gives them far too many oppertunities to heal up back to full. At most you should be half as high as that to maximize the amount of time you have for abduction. (Wraith main) /nitpick

As far as OP I recommend not playing her at all once you get better; she doesn’t have the DPS to keep up with good hunters, especially in Legacy. If you do play her, you’ll be hard-pressed to get a down.

As far as how to play monster, I suggest uploading a vid of how you play. Each monster plays vastly different from eachother.

Go back to basics.
First: Keep moving. Feed only on one or two things then move on to the next part of your feeding rout.
Second: Keep an eye on your ass. Don’t be afraid to double-back either, sometimes a game of cat and mouse is what you want.
Third: Don’t be afraid to be aggressive. If you see one of them get into your smell range, often times, especially with console players, they’re alone and 100+ meters away from their team. That means an easy down, and the down is very valuable on a trapper who controls the dome. You can also catch them off-guard by playing like that as most players aren’t expecting a deliberate stage one fight.
Fourth: Gun for the trapper. Trapper=Dome. No trapper, no dome.
Fifth: At stage 2, armor up and go hunt them down. Don’t run. Then you can go after other people.

Like someone suggested, I recommend slipping into bot games and playing there to improve your skills. Pay attention to movement, how the monster plays an examine how you play and how the bots react to you. Adjust your movement and tactics to fit it, then apply the above to multiplayer games. Players are predictable once you get the hang of it.


Check out this guy. Probably one of the best Goliaths on PS4 and Xbox.


Not he melee spams the f*** out of you that’s not good while sure you get wins but he definitely abuses that melee. So no don’t play like noodles for the love of god.


skywraith? hmm well I was fighting at gold tier before the game went belly up… my wraith always seemed to hold its own rather well ^.^ (if you are recording your match you can see the ranking of where you are for split microsecond. (if your wondering how I know my tier.)


If you play Gorgon or Kelder yes the people who still play will give you a hard time because those 2 monster are OP. (According to them)


I thought you had to melee to get more damage in so the hunter dies faster. I think he does a few light melees then one heavy and follows it up with an ability,I could be wrong


Yes but in combos not like noodles who will indefinitely just melee spam the way he does it no matter what you do as a hunter you are not getting away the way he does it no one wants to play him. You should have someone teach you combos behemoth,Goliath,meteor Goliath would be good and wraith is underpowered against a team who have played for awhile.