[Xbox] Looking for a team


So I had a team previously and I was able to reach Silver Master but my team slowly stopped playing and through bad people I managed to derank and rank back to Master several times but right now I am an Expert. I am mostly a Trapper but I play a lot of Emet so I want to get into Medic and I’ve played a bit of Assault and Support as well. (I’m looking for people around my rank) GT: SirLOL5


You might want to check here:


Tried that a couple days ago and it really didn’t help @Jev


No need to tag me, I got the notification. How about this?



Mine is SQUARE Necron

I main trapper, but can usually fill in where ever needed w/o complaints


Yo what’s around your level. Like I’m bronze destroyer. I bet that’s too low for you but if not hmu. Same as my name.


Ah. Something I should have put on mine. I’m currently silver 1.


Good, I’ll add you tomorrow


Just FYI I don’t know about how timezones work out its 2 am here currently. But if I’m on feel free to send a message or invite. (May already be in a full group) but we are usually missing one or two people. It would be nice to get a stand in. Shear ya later!


I’ve also been deranked to expert because my team isn’t always online. I’ll add you and hopefully we can rank up together :slightly_smiling:


Did you ever add me, looking forward to playing with you


Sup dude.
Im jus a bronze destroyer but i get on often usually nights (eastern us) i wont play without a headset.
My GT is B0bZ0mb1e2113 add me up if you wana play. I main assualt an my back up is support. But im open to criticism if you think i need to change up to fit ur play style jus let me kno. Hope to see you out there. Happy hunting dudes.


Beardo702 silver elite