Xbox LIVE Service


Anyone else having issues on Xbox side?

I just found a match finally but with only one guy and I feel like this is the worst time ever because of the Event going on at the moment.

Was trying to play Dark Souls 2 but I was only able to see Pools of Blood, Messages and outlines of players.

No its not just me because lots of people are having issues.

I hope this issue doesn’t persist for so long otherwise it might severely impact the outcome of the event.


Xbox Live services are having some issues. They are working on it.


I figured that but I’m just more worried about the outcome of the event.


i figured as much… HURRY UP MICROSOFT!


I’m sure it won’t effect it too drastically.


Bout to call microsoft and bitch that theyre hurting our challenge maybe get some live time outta it.


If most of the Xbox Playerbase can’t put in their two cents… the difference in the outcome will be drastic.


Oh god, good to hear that it’s Xbox Live and not just me. I was actually on Dark Souls 2 also and I thought my internet was messing up again.

I didn’t see anything about matchmaking/multiplayer connectivity on the Xbox Live status page so I assumed the worst.


i can’t find any games on evolve atm on the xbone… and all my dashboard stuff is offline even tho im connected to the internet. microsoft planned this shit to screw our challenge up.


Another DDoS attack again. I can find games, but only solo and can’t talk. I figure this will drastically play on the weekend challenge since consoles seem to be the majority of the population in this game’s community.


Theres only 1-3k players on pc. Xbox is like 48% of the community.


Solo and Custom games count. As long as Xbox Live is up and running (which it is, although with limited service) TRS can still obtain stats from games.


Sure solo counts, but you really think that many people are going to stick around to play solo? I know I played one game, couldn’t talk to my team of randoms (with the same issue) and then said screw this. Considering the community barely got the Goliath challenge last week with no issues, this is going to severly skew the numbers (which is a much higher bar to begin with)


I know people who strictly play solo. In fact, I play solo most of the time because I prefer not playing with randoms. I don’t think it will cause that much of a problem.

Now if it goes from limited service to no service. Then there might be some problems.


You may know people but not everybody knows somebody who does play solo. If I play solo its for masteries.


I don’t touch solo’s for masteries, makes it feel like I didn’t earn it. O.o


Really I play solo when I don’t have time for online.


There’s a difference between feeling like you “earned” them and “grinding” them.

Such as reviving incapped teammates as medic doing a specific task where I should be keeping my team alive in the first place.

Most the masteries are grinds.


I only have like 5 elites. Takes forever, but it’s worth it. ^.^


Meh… I’d rather just get them out of the way then play how I want.

I mean I didn’t get mine out of Solo Grinding. Only about 5% of it was that or boosting in a custom. Just when I was on the last thing or two that was super tedious like Multi-Vortex hits and Mid-Air Tounge Grabs and the like.

It’s just no fun playing with a certain character on a certain map with other certain characters but its usually not a problem because I go Monster anyway and at least then I can just focus on killing some hunters without the thought of Masteries.