Xbox lan party


I mentioned this in another thread but I rented three xbox consoles and a buddy of mine is bringing his for a total of 5 consoles to play Evolve locally this Saturday and next Saturday! The hunters will be in one room, the monster in another. I’ll update the thread with pictures once everything is setup if anyone is interested. It should be a blast and I hope to get more people interested in Evolve by doing this.



Oh, I thought this was going to be an invite to us all but I see how it is. Well I’m gonna host my own LAN party, with blackjack, and hockers. In fact, forget the LAN party!



lol sorry friend I don’t have room for all the internet people in by basement!

I mostly wanted to post this here because people were wondering about system link on xbox one for Evolve. As far as I know, there is no system link. I have all of the consoles connected to the internets and we’ll be playing online.



you are right xbox one does not support system link and evolve doesnt either so playing online in a custom game is the only way possible!! eager to see the pictures tough :stuck_out_tongue:



yeah I’m so pumped. I’ve been trying to get my coworkers interested in the game and I think this is the best way. I tested running a custom game last night with 4 consoles and everything ran smoothly. :slight_smile:

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So here’s what I have so far. Won’t have the fifth Xbox and tv until Saturday.





The event went very well. I was surprised that it worked just fine with one console connected through Wi-Fi. The one problem we had was people dropping out of the lobby. This seemed to not happen if we got everyone in the lobby before going into the custom game menu. Here’s all of the hunter TVs just before starting a match.