Xbox getting DLCs a month before any other platform?


I thought it would strictly be for only the first DLC? Now I sincerely hope this is wrong as it would seriously frustrates those on other platforms knowing even though a dlc is ready and played on an other platform they have to wait an other month just for the sake to remind them they aren’t the primary target customers?


2K, meet Microsoft. Microsoft, meet 2K. It’s just the arrangement they have/had. I’m thinking that Microsoft either paid a lot of money for this, and/or they said they wouldn’t sell it for their console if they didn’t get exclusive rights. Either way, doesn’t bother me too much. If cross platform playing was involved I’d be up in arms that I wouldn’t have access to the content.

Also, when it does come out for PS4/PC, it will be more balanced :slight_smile:


Yes we Xbox players have the burden of play testing the new DLC for you.


Think on the bright side, at least Evolve is not one of those Japanese games (Monster cough cough Hunter) that we have to wait years to be released in NA/EU :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup! And I will gladly take that burden on for everyone!


Same what Hunter class are you planning on playing?


I fell in love with the trapper! <3 :trapper:


At least its not Sony locking content out of destiny for an entire year. Month pretty measly


I don’t think Xbox will get everything early, Turtle Rock doesn’t like the concept and will fight it if they tried to do so, and it would honestly be bad PR, I think the majority will be the combined force of Ps4 and Computer players


Well if they have a contract than TRS will have no choice. They can’t just fight against something that is in writing.


The great thing about this forum is that the Devs read it and can kill rumors before the panic sets in. Can we get confirmation from TRS or 2K on X-Bone alleged timed exclusive dlc?


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Do you have a source?


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I’ve seen on a lot of websites that Microsoft have confirmed xbox1 dlc timed exclusive but have yet to see a confirmation of how long it is exclusive to xbox


This may be what’s causing angst (even if it was published in June):