[Xbox] Experienced player looking for good team/players for Evolve


Hi, i played PC and ps4 evolve. And recently started on xbox one. I was in a team last esl tournament (5 - 6 months ago) for ps4 version which ended up winning. Looking for people or a team to play with who have good ability/mindset. I can play any of the characters well (not played kala just yet coz cba). But i prefer to play medic or support.

I was commonly known on ps4 as the triple burst healer with slim, which is why i was chosen for a team during the tournaments. Im a team player, and as so, I like to be in a team environment and less of a pug group.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon :).

Xbox One username: JoJoe 126

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This topic is a good place to start finding teammates on all platforms!


Why did you leave ps4? The playerbase there is still pretty active (at least more so than on other platforms, I think). We even had a great tournament a week ago and more are coming soon.


I ended up selling. Most of my irl mates play xbox one. So i decided to do few games of evolve while i was at it.


Too bad ^^

I added Xbox to the title to attract the right people :slightly_smiling:


check this out :sunny: