Xbox Beta January 2015


Not surprising it’s few weeks before might as well call it a demo though.


No one seems to have any issues about this.


Even if the game has gone gold and shipped to retail by that point - the matchmaking or online experience could be very different depending on how the beta goes. Beta implies the game is not 100% guaranteed to be ready for retail and I see no problem making that final check of systems and user reception shortly before release. They have always said the xbone beta would be much closer to ship date. Plus thats more space between now and then for another potential alpha so don’t anger the turtle gods.


call it a demo like it is, at this point in time there’s nothing special about calling it a beta. Games get constantly tweaked after release all the time so even if there is a “beta” period just before launch there will still be things getting adjusted long after release.


Open betas are usually shorter than close betas/alphas and are very close to release. Unless its a fake, pay to get in “open beta” that really act as an unofficial launch that sometimes last over a year.


True is coming in January weeks before release will thus be the final product.


Whoot shoot I have xbone